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Im a test poster and this is my post


Why Motorcycle Meets Are WAY Better Than Car Meets

Northeast Vintage Moto Society meet
Two days ago*, there were a couple of meets that happened locally. There was a once a month motorcycle meet … 2

How To Enjoy Something Smaller

2011 Kia Soul
Let’s just get the joke/meme out of the way: Winter is coming. The last few winters I’ve had the joy … 0

2009 Kawasaki Versys 650

So I caved. I just couldn’t go through ANOTHER school year without a motorcycle. So I hopped on Kijiji and … 0

Motorcycling In 100 Years

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100
Yesterday BMW revealed theirВ Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 concept,В their vision of what a motorcycle might be 100 years from now. But … 0

Run/Turn Lights On One Bulb

Running/turn lights
Many motorcycles use dual filament bulbs in their front turn signals that operate as dimmer steady-on running lights when the … 0

Check Out This MotoGP Race On Minibikes

MotoGP on minibikes
Before the start of last year’s MotoGP race in Japan a groupВ of riders had a race of their own – … 0

Old Bikes Are Fast, Too

Troy Corser on a 1935 BMW RSS at Goodwood
Here atВ Right Wrist Twist we try not to parrot what the other sites areВ talking about. But I have to make … 0

Shadow ACE Projects

1995 Honda Shadow ACE 1100
I jumped the gun and bought my new-to-me Honda Shadow ACE 1100 before selling my PC800 because it was already … 0

Denton To Austin In 11 Hours

The hour of departure arrived. One by one, bikes started pulling into the driveway of my house in Denton, Texas. … 0

Motorcycle Safety With Statistics: Cut Your Chance Of Injury In Half

The author in the hospital
(Originally posted by Matt Brown onВ Oppositelock. Reposted here with permission.) You suck at driving. Well, I mean, not you specifically. … 0

Time For A Change

1995 Honda Shadow ACE 1100
I’ve had a good run with my Honda PC800. I’ve been commuting on it for a few years. We’ve been … 0

Harry’s Lap Timer Review

Harry's Lap Timer
After posting my track videos from Tony’s Track Days‘ non-sportbikeВ event, I’ve been overwhelmed by many people asking me the same … 0

Palmer Non-Sportbike Track Day Video

Justin Hughes on track
Last year, when I was driving a lot of SCCA Track Night In America events, IВ shot a bit of GoPro … 0

Kids Love Motorcycles

It’s the first day of school in many towns on my daily commute through central Massachusetts. The first thing I … 1

Riding A Motorcycle Is Not Horrifying

The DriveВ posted an article titled “Five Horrifying Reasons Not to Ride a Motorcycle, According to an EMT.” Honestly, it’s worth … 1

Quick Ride On A Quick Fookin Ride – KTM 1290 Super Duke GT Review

I took out a KTM 1290 Super Duke GT and ran it on some highway, some city, and some fun … 0

What Works In A Car Works On A Bike, Sort Of

Justin Hughes in the pits
I’ve done track days on and off in cars for years, but I swore I’d never do one on a … 0

The Newbie Survives A Non-Sportbike Track Day

“Ok, you passed tech. You’re in the blue group, the fastest/advanced group.” Oh Jeepers H. Chrysler, not again. See, this … 2

Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed (first in a series)

Knowing how to wrench on motorcycles necessitates a working knowledge of all of the bike’s systems, of course. Depending on … 0

Useful Skills, Adapted for Motorcycling

Bugs in the face
When I’m riding a motorcycle, I often apply skills initially developed for other purposes.В For example, I’m a pretty good dancer … 0

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