Palmer Non-Sportbike Track Day Video

Last year, when I was driving a lot of SCCA Track Night In America events, I shot a bit of GoPro video. It was all right, but when I upgraded my iPhone I got one with a ton of memory, specifically so I could add it to my video arsenal. My secret weapon is Harry’s Lap Timer, an app that records all kinds of telemetry while you’re on the track for later review. I got the Grand Prix Edition, which allows telemetry overlay onto video, as well as picture-in-picture from a GoPro, which I planned to use for simultaneous front and rear views in the car. Naturally, since I’ve been foregoing track days due to the expense of buying a house earlier this year, I haven’t had the opportunity to use this since buying it.

Until now. With nothing more than my existing RAM Mount, plus a well placed zip-tie as extra security to keep my phone from falling out on the track, I recorded most of my sessions from last week’s non-sportbike track day at Palmer Motorsports Park. It wasn’t until I was setting up the app at the track that I realized it even had some motorcycle specific features, like measuring lean angle. I didn’t bother setting up a rear facing GoPro this time, so you can get the functionality you see here with the less expensive Petrolhead Edition.

I skipped recording the first follow-the-leader session of the day by choice, and my fourth open session didn’t record at all for some reason. I think the dog ate it. But it recorded everything else just fine. It took a bit of time to render, trim, and upload the video, but here it is.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 5

Session 6

Even I haven’t watched all this yet, and I created it. But here I can watch what I did and how I improved, analyze what worked and what didn’t, and give myself a refresher course before returning to Palmer the next time Tony’s Track Days runs a non-sportbike track day at Palmer. Because I will.

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