BMW Adds Fricken Lasers

BMW showcased a few innovative concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back in January and hinted at how they could make their way to production motorcycles in the future. Pioneers of safety and the see and be seen mantra, the first concept is a K 1600 GTL that features frickin’ laser beams.

We’ve recently witnessed the introduction of LEDs and adaptive cornering lights, and now BMW has utilized technology already present in the firm’s 7 Series and i8 four-wheelers. Aside from raving and enhancing parties with jolly fancy visuals, obvious advantages of laser illumination is the pure-white lighting, longevity and, according to BMW, a high-beam can achieve a range of 600 meters. The downside is cost, although we could see such technologies making an appearance sooner than first thought – BMW is currently testing and developing for future release.

Granted, it’s nothing truly ground-breaking, but the second advancement is a heads-up display helmet, with the technology providing endless possibilities for rider information. Projecting ‘necessary desirable traffic or vehicle information directly into the rider’s field of view,’ BMW’s effort is operated via switchgear on the handlebar with the option of navigation, real-time alerts, vehicle information and luxuries like gear selection.

There are also two cameras installed: one forward facing, one rearwards acting as a digitalized rear-view mirror that can be displayed via heads-up, and BMW reckons it’ll make production within a few years.

Having tested several heads-up displays in the past, I found them nothing but annoying and intrusive. Other than horrendously long distance journeys where fatigue can set in, is there anything erroneous with a good old fashioned glance down at the dash/sat nav? Saying that, we’re sure BMW’s refinement of the technology will make heads-up displays as popular as those bloody hover boards in the coming years…

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