Motorcyclist Survives Trapped Under Bike For Eight Days

Roland Goff is currently recovering after he crashed his Honda VTX1300 motorcycle and was pinned under it for more than a week, living off rain water and “whatever he could reach” to eat.

WCTV reports that Goff was only discovered after his friend William Shultz “noticed Goff’s absence on social media for around 5 days, so he went searching for him.”

Goff was apparently not hard to find because he wiped out “in a ditch just off his driveway” in Brooks County, Georgia according to AdventureBikeRider. Goff said he only remembered “riding down the track on the evening of Tuesday, May 17th and veering off the side of the dirt road.”

 AdventureBikeRider quoted CPL Chris Kelch of the Georgian State Patrol saying “he didn’t think he’d make it much longer. He’s still in good spirits. [He is] really severely dehydrated but he felt like he could make it at least one more day. He said thank the Lord that he was able to survive this long.”

A VTX1300 is a cruiser-style motorcycle that weighs something like 700 pounds. You can’t blame 63-year-old Goff for being unable to move the machine himself. He’s just lucky he had a friend looking out for him.

Goff was taken to the South Georgia Medical Center where “doctors are hopeful” they won’t have to amputate the leg that was stuck under the bike.

The takeaway here is that it’s a great idea to tell people where you’re going when you go out for a ride. And maybe posting to Facebook all the time isn’t the worst thing in the world.

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