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How To Add Practicality To Your Motorcycle

Every once in a while, when I head out with my non-riding friends*, I get asked, “How the hell do you use your motorcycle to go to work? Don’t you need to carry stuff there?” To which I reply, “What work?”
*Kidding, I don’t have friends who don’t ride.

But thinking about it, when asked about practically of a motorcycle, a lot of people are quick to point out that it can’t carry a lot of things. Frankly, this is just plain wrong. I get told you can’t use it as a tow vehicle.

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BAM. MOTORCYCLE TOWING. “…ookay, but I need to tow my sister-in-laws E46 wagon after it breaks down! A motorcycle can’t do that…”

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Anyways, let’s get on with discussing how to add some storage space to your motorcycle and make it more practical.

1. Fork Bag

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Starting front the front, we have a cruiser favorite: The fork bags. For obvious reasons, you will probably never see this on a sport bike. These are smaller bags that attach to the fork legs of the bike and can store a small amount of stuff. Your phone, wallet, some cash, maybe your smokes or a roadside plug kit. They aren’t intrusive (if mounted right, anyways) and are relatively hidden from you line of sight. This is both good and bad – good because it’s not obstructing anything, bad because if it falls off you aren’t going to notice until you stop. Wouldn’t that be just swell? These are usually pretty cheap, $50 or so.

2. Handlebar Bag

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What you see if what you get. Similar to the fork bag, but mounts up on your handlebars. Again, for small stuff. And again, cheap. $25? maybe?

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