Northeast Vintage Moto Society Meet

Each Wednesday night, the Northeast Vintage Moto Society holds what they call the "most chill moto event in New England" in Milford, NH. "Schmooze with local wrenchers, riders and fanatics of those two-wheeled rattle-traps." RWT writer Kate Murphy told me about it, and it sounded like my kind of event, so I took a cruise up there last night.

The road in front of Union Coffee Co. resembles a motocross course more than road at the moment, but that didn’t stop bikes of all kinds from braving the gravel and gathering out front. Although it’s a vintage group, everyone is welcome, no matter how new or old the bike. Though a 1998 bike isn’t exactly vintage, my PC800 caused a stir before I even had the kickstand down. One guy even proclaimed it “the best motorcycle ever made.” Clearly I was among friends.

Vintage UJMs

Truth be told, my PC800 is actually the first non-vintage motorcycle I’ve ever owned. I’ve had a number of Suzuki GS models ranging from 250 to 1100cc, with a few Hondas sprinkled among them for good measure. On paper, I still legally own my 1982 Silverwing GL500i, mostly because I’ve completely failed to sell it at my friend’s shop for the past couple of years. So I’m a fan of the old UJMs like these.


It wasn’t just old UJMs, though. This Beemer looks ready to tackle a road trip right now. A couple of modern sport bikes joined us, too. They were as welcome as anyone.

Honda Dream

This 1964 Honda Dream is in such good shape it looks like it leaped through a time warp into the future. It’s even wearing a proper license plate from 1964.


And then there’s this. I have no idea what it used to be. It may be tiny, but it’s crude, garish, and LOUD, just like a chopper is supposed to be.

It was a small, laid back, friendly gathering that was exactly as advertised. I definitely plan to go back to check out more vintage oddballs, as well as show off my not-so-vintage oddball. Check out the Northeast Moto Society on Facebook.

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