Bob’s Cross Country Ride for Recovery

I’ve known Bob Rogers for approximately eleventy zillion years, since before either of us rode motorcycles. Now he’s preparing to follow a dream I’ve had since the only vehicle I could ride was a bicycle – a trip across the US. Most of us who take such a journey do it for ourselves, but Bob decided to add a unique twist – he’s also doing it as a fundraiser for charity.


Bob is asking those who follow his adventure to make a donation to the Addiction Referral Center in Marlborough, MA. Why the ARC? Because Bob is a recovering alcoholic himself. He hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol in the entire time I’ve known him, and motorcycling is a much healthier outlet anyway. “If you drink or smoke or gamble and it’s not a problem, fine,” he says. “Have fun, be safe. We’re still friends. Except for that Pokemon thing. Once I know what that is, I will probably hate it.”

You can follow his progress, and make a donation, on the ride’s Facebook page. “There will be photos of my bike at weird places,” Bob assures us.

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